Middlesex County
New Jersey


Re-Appropriation And Amendatory Ordinance Number 2017-436
Re-Appropriation And Amendatory Ordinance Providing For Various Highway And Bridge Capital Improvements, Various Engineering Capital Improvements, And The Purchase Of County Office Space To Be Constructed As A Component Of The New Brunswick Cultural Center Project, By And In The County Of Middlesex, State Of New Jersey; Re-Appropriating/Re-Purposing $17,519,377 (Consisting Of Re-Appropriated Excess Bond Proceeds In The Amount Of $1,396,468 And Re-Purposed Unfunded Debt Authorizations Of Bonds Or Notes In The Amount Of $16,122,909) In Existing County Bond Ordinances To Finance The Costs Thereof, And Authorizing The Public Hearing To Be Held On Thursday, May 18, 2017 At 7:00 P.M. And Publication Thereof


Department:Financial AdministrationSponsors:Freeholder Leslie Koppel
Category:Bond Ordinance